Don’t be a wedding sheep – It’s All about EWE!!

The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza comes to Birmingham!!!

Well where do I start??? I got together with my good friends Sassy from Assassynation


and Vikki from Liliia,

A Liliia gown , photo : Assassynation

and a couple of glasses of vino later decided that if we wanted a good alternative show, with some Badass suppliers in an awesome venue then we had to stop talking and start walking…..and there EWE have it….. with only 2 weeks to go !! EEEEEKKK

The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza
Dorothy by The Couture Co, Photo by Steve Gerrard

The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza was born out of a real and genuine need for an alternative wedding show, the mainstream and vintage sections of our industry are adequately catered for,,,but what if you are a geek or a goth?

Gown by Victorian Gothic , Photo Mademoiselle Chatte

inked or pinked?

Audrey gown by The Couture Co, Photo by Assassynation

a steam punk or a new punk?

Gowns by Rawhide Corsets , Photo by Assassynation


Fifi by The Couture Co, Photo :Assassynation

…or what if you are unique and one of a kind?

Cake by the Conjurers Kitchen

…where do you go to find wedding supplies that can be customised and created for you, your wedding and  that shows your personalities?….Well my little Flockers…you come to our show and meet some totally creative and awesome Mother Flockers…I present just some of the BAAD ass Mother Flockers

Bouquet by Beautiful Bird Creations, Photo:Daffodil Waves
Shoe decor by Revive Me Boutique, Photo by Assassynation
Restoration Cake
Ceramic styling by Cherry Pie Lane , photo by Assassynation
Steve Gerrard Photography
Ava Event styling, Photo by Steve Gerrard
Jewellery by Catriona Faulkner
Emma Lucy Photo
Stationery by Love Illustrated

If you Love this idea , then we love EWE too…get yourselves over to our website and get your super discounted rates only £3 each

See EWE there !!! x

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