Here’s our bevy of beautiful real brides in their fabulous frocks for inspiration!

Thank you to all of our beautiful brides who trusted us to make their dress dreams come true.

Here’s our bevy of beautiful real brides and clients in their fabulous attire for inspiration!

Thank you to all of our awesome clients who trusted us to make their wedding dreams come true.

Ana H

ByVicki Photography

 5 Star Review ***** 


Jo and the team at The Couture company did an incredible job! From first setting foot in the gorgeous shop to the last fitting, they were super nice, helpful and patient!

The bespoke embroideries are second to none, the whole dress I probably my favourite thing I’ve ever owned 😀

Hannah G

 5 Star Review ***** 

I don’t even know where to begin with this review. When I tell you, I’ve never ever felt so beautiful in my life as my wedding day, it’s an understatement. I had my eye on The Couture Company long before my husband came along, had been in to shop the beautiful accessories and the Christmas bits and dreamed of one day having my very own Couture Company masterpiece to walk down the aisle in.
I only ever booked to see Jo for a fitting, no other shops needed for me. As a plus size bride I was incredibly nervous to see if anything even fit me at our first fitting but Jo had something in every size, more than enough to try different styles and made me feel so secure and at ease. She helped me to pick out the specific things I wanted and what kinds of colours I wanted and boy, did she and her team deliver. You’ll see from the photos how gorgeous my dress is and on the day, everyone of my family and friends complimented me on how unique and beautiful I looked.
I cannot recommend Jo and her team highly enough. At The Couture Company, they genuinely make your day!

Emma S

 Andi Watson photography

5 Star Review ***** 

If I had to write a review in one line about how amazing Jo and her team are, and why you should put your faith in her to design your dress it would be this:

I wear a 30H bra and Jo made me a strapless dress which survived a Scottish ceilidh.

You might laugh but short of drafting in an engineer, a scaffolder and maybe a priest I did not think prior to this that strapless would be an option for me. I knew that I really wanted an element of the outfit to be something I could wear again – hence the red coat. I knew I wanted a retro-style dress and I knew for a fact that I was worried about being able to describe an idea in my brain to someone who would transform it into one of the most important pieces of clothing I’d ever wear. I needn’t have worried.

From the first visit where we met Jo she couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming. She encouraged me to try on different styles and I’m so glad I did, because some of the details I thought I would go for ended up not being right when I tried them on. I never felt pressured or rushed at any time and we often traded ideas by e-mail between fittings, during which she always responded quickly and with a great idea about how to make the dress/coat look amazing. I added Lego detail and computer code to my dress quite late on in the process but nothing was too much trouble and if I had worried about any part of the outfit Jo was there to reassure me with a kind word, show me a photo or make a helpful suggestion.

An incredible dress and a brilliant experience from start to finish.

Lauren M

 Andi Watson photography

5 Star Review ***** 

4 months ago

I’m someone who has always found shopping for clothes stressful. I’m not very confident about my body (this is the understatement of the century) – I have health problems which means my body often feels like something I have little control over and the thought of traditional wedding dress shopping where I’d be squeezed into sample sizes filled me with utter dread! I discovered The Couture Company by fluke, I saw a picture of a beautiful non-traditional wedding dress on Twitter, and knew I had to find out more about where it came from – once I saw the website I was determined THIS was where I would find the perfect dress for me.

Luckily my wife-to-be had also fallen in love with Jo’s designs so we made the most of our 4 return trips to Birmingham from Glasgow – over 2000 miles in total! On my very first visit to the Couture Company I knew I’d made the right decision – I only tried on 2 of Jo’s gorgeous sample dresses and after a few questions covering everything from length, to sleeves, to neckline and fabric, Jo sketched my dream dress in mere minutes! I didn’t even fully know what I wanted yet, and somehow Jo managed to get my jumbled ideas into a sketch which was perfect for me – including lots of little personal touches.

Jo and the rest of the fab team go out of their way to make you feel so comfortable at the fittings – I was extremely nervous about the process, particularly being in various states of undress around strangers, but I was made to feel safe and supported every single step of the way. I have raved to everyone who will listen about how Jo made something I was really anxious about, into a fun and empowering experience! I have never felt more beautiful than I did when I put my finished dress on for the first time.

I could say so much more about why I’ve recommended The Couture Company to everyone who will listen, but it boils down to the fact that it’s about much more than “just” a dress – I walked away with a new sense of confidence as well as the dress of my dreams, and that’s priceless!


James Webb Photography

 5 Star Review ***** 

I think I realised quite early on that I wanted something really unique for my wedding dress. Decided on green, and found Jo and The Couture Company when I couldn’t find any green dresses that really wowed me. I also felt like a bespoke dress would help me feel a little more confident and beautiful on such a happy day.

Honestly, I can’t recommend Jo and the team highly enough!

I went into my consultation with some idea of what I wanted, and it was like Jo showed me some examples, read my mind and made it into a dress. The whole process was made relaxed and fun, and my dress was something that I had previously thought I’d have a lot of worry about, until I chose to go with Jo!

No question or worry was too small, everything was answered quickly and, my dress is fantastic! All of it is gorgeous and comfortable to wear and I felt absolutely amazing all day!

Another huge thank you to Jo and the team! I don’t think I’ll ever stop recommending them.



Susan J

 5 Star Review ***** 

When your guests walk up to you open mouthed at your dress and struggle to put their lips together to say congratulations… That’s when you know that your dress is something special.Jo and the team managed to extract my jumbled, rhubard ideas for a dress from my daft head and turn them into wearable artwork.Visually stunning, tactile, vegan, glorious in its movement and swish, heavy and sturdy yet easy to wear and move in… Just ‘perfect’

Thank you does not do justice to how I feel Jo. This dress… I cried when I put it on and I cried when i had to take it off! You are a fabric genuis, a dream realiser and to top it off you are kind hearted, patient and funny. Bloody brilliant.

I felt like a beautiful magpie… Radient yet dark, bright and cheeky. The attention to detail, like in the hand embroidered broach you made for me was breathtaking.I’m in love with my husband and in love with my wedding dress… I Deffo love my husband more of course…. Honest. Thank you xxx so freaking much.

Kelly A

 5 Star Review ***** 

A massive thank you to Jo and the ladies at The Couture Company.
I was really struggling to find a wedding dress that suited my style, and then I remembered meeting Jo at the EWE.

I came in with a simple drawing a friend had made for me, and Jo turned that dream into a reality! I felt like the beautiful gothic princess I had always wanted to be!

Thank you so much ladies, you are amazing!

Stacey C

 5 Star Review ***** 

I had always known I wanted a black wedding dress from when I was a young girl but due to us eloping to Vegas and it being eleven years ago, I had to settle for a traditional ivory dress. We always knew we would renew our wedding vows so I could have the dress of my dreams. This is where the amazing Jo and The Couture Dress Company fit in. I made the long train and car journey from Kent to Birmingham 4 times and it was well worth it! I showed Jo everything I liked and tried on a few pieces and she designed it there and then. Each trip saw me fall more in love with it and I even got to wear it at EWE before my renewal. I’ve had nothing but complements, even from the people who thought it sounded weird when I described it to them! My advice to all new brides would be buy the dress, if you don’t you will only regret it and have to do it all again like me! Oh and get yourself to EWE for all the finishing touches and amazing suppliers, I’m so glad I did. Thank you Jo, you made this little of mine very happy xx

Ruby R (USA Bride)

Erika Schoof at Allebach photography

 5 Star Review ***** 

I don’t have amazing enough words but I’ll try! As a slightly bigger woman with big breasts, store room dresses weren’t cutting it for me. It was clear in every conversation with Jo that she knew exactly how to work with all different kinds of bodies! She got my style immediately and never balked at revisions. Jo has a very particular and amazing style and I thought that meant she might not get or like mine, but she encouraged me to get what I wanted the whole time. Getting this dress made from across an ocean was not the easiest for me or Jo (mostly because I was in a place with few tailors and it was around prom season), but she held my hand the whole way and was very patient!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I NEVER would have spent so much money on a dress in a store. I was seriously contemplating a $30 cotton white dress. No way would I pay thousands of dollars just to have someone else’s idea off the rack. But the whole experience of having my dream dress made just for me made it all worth it. If you’re considering getting a dress from Jo, just do it! You won’t regret it!! People are still telling me how much they loved it a year later!!

Ellie C

Kirsty Whittaker Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

I’m not sure I can find the right words to do justice to the utter magic that Jo and team create in their wonderful workshop. I thought I was prepared for their special brand of sparkle from what I’d seen featured in press and social media posts but the photos don’t even come close. The fact is I was enraptured from my very first visit.

Once you’ve stepped into their world, there’s no way you could ever consider an off the peg piece. I was spoilt for choice as the possibilities were limitless. I could so easily have been overwhelmed but Jo put me at ease immediately and helped me design my dream dress. I could be honest about my insecurities and confident she would address them.Nothing was too much trouble and even under Covid conditions, throughout the process, I felt safe and cared for.

Jo created such a special dress for me. I’m still obsessing over it now and trying to find excuses to wear it again and again. To anyone planning a wedding or civil partnership, I would recommend Jo above anywhere else. Why have basic when you can have bespoke? My dress is so very me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Jo and dream team.

Cheryl M

Andi Li Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

If you can dream it, Jo and her team will make it. So glad I decided to go with a bespoke Wedding dress – I had the colour, materials and style I wanted with face to face service. If you are a plus-sized bride and love corsets, The Couture Co is perfect. 

Sally B

5 Star Review *****

I want to express how much of an Amazing job Jo and her team at the Couture Company did for me, creating my wedding dress. In the early stages of my wedding planning when I was looking at dress ideas, I remember how under-whelmed I was feeling when browsing through ready to wear & made to order bridal collections online. I knew for definite I wanted a full, 50’s style skirt and a halterneck boddice, but even dresses that fit this style just were not jumping out at me – They just weren’t me. I was getting rather frustrated with the whole thing and then my sister suggested I got something custom made. She recommended the Couture Company as she had followed their work for years and was confident they would be able to design and create my dream dress. During my consultation with Jo I discussed my ideas, and since I knew the dress could be created especially for me, I didn’t hold back. Jo did a sketch and when she showed it to me I was so excited – she literally had drew the exact dress I had in my head. Not only that but she knew exactly how to make it a reality and what fabrics would work best etc. Throughout the whole experience Jo and her team made me feel so welcome, and even just going into her beautiful studio made me feel like a kid in a sweetie shop. Alongside creating the most perfect dress for me, she also helped to put me in touch with some fantastic suppliers, for example I met the lovely Kay from Koo arts during my first dress fitting and she ended up making my skull bouquet. It’s this kind of service that really stands out and it made finding my whole wedding outfit and styling really fun and stress free.

My wedding dress is literally a work of art and it’s everything I wanted and more. I got so many compliments on the day about the attention to detail that it has. I loved it so much I even wore it the next morning at breakfast with my white DMs. I’d highly recommend the Couture Company to anyone who is looking for something a little bit different, wants to step away from traditional gowns, or just wants something beautiful that is one of a kind! Thank you Jo! ���


Hana G

The Dignums Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

We always wanted our wedding to reflect us. After attending countless wedding shows, I was feeling dejected that none of the supplies reflected our style and values. A friend had tickets to The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza and couldn’t make it, she passed them over to me. It was here we pretty much found all our suppliers. We had so much fun playing the sheep competition, and even won some of the prizes! Jo was professional and kind the whole way through. Her shop is beautiful and the one to one service made me feel like a princesses. She was patient as I fumbled my way through my ideas and she turned them into the most beautiful dress ever. I enjoyed all my dress creation appointments and was so excited to collect my dress but really sad the visits were over. Jo created my fairy tale wedding dress and I will never be able to thank her enough. Looking forward to taking part in The Real Couples Parade again at the next Eclectic wedding Extravaganza.

Highly recommend her to everyone!

Katt D

Neil Thomas Douglas Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

Jo was honestly brilliant when it came to designing my wedding dress. We were one of the unlucky ones that had a Covid wedding but that didn’t stop us getting the perfect dress for our day. Honestly I don’t know how they made something so perfect and exactly what I was looking for, all while having to have fittings and consultations via video call! I’ve had so many comments from people about how ‘me’ it was. Would easily recommend! ❤️

Becky C

Big Story Productions Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

Wow! What can I say other than how incredibly happy I was with my beautiful Wedding Dress! The whole process from start to finish was fantastic and I was always made to feel comfortable and relaxed. I came in with quite a clear idea of what I wanted and The Couture Company were easily able to make my dream dress a reality! I wanted to include some lace from my Mum’s wedding dress and wasn’t sure if it would be possible but Jo made it happen and this added such a special touch for me. If you want a bespoke dress that is personal to you then The Couture Company is your only option! I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Laura C

Assassynation Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

I can’t thank Jo enough for creating my perfect dress!!! She literally made me into a goth fairy princess 😍
No way would I have ever been able to pick a dress out anywhere else, or come up with the design! Jo went off a few of my thoughts and pics I had seen online, and after looking at a few dresses in the shop sketched out my dress. Mind reader genius lol!
Also Jo recommended assassynation to us as a photographer so it was a double win 🙌
Just amazing x x

Pippa A

5 Star Review ***** 

The Couture Company were brilliant! I had an idea of what I wanted based on some other dresses they had made, and they made it a stunning reality.

Bryony W

Jack Parker Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

Every single moment of being with Jo and the team at Couture Company was perfect. After previous experiences of wedding dress shopping had left me feeling stressed and uncomfortable (being squeezed into tiny dresses that just didn’t feel like me), walking in to Couture Company was like coming home.Racks of gorgeous and unique dresses, bountiful colour and a whole variety of styles and sizes.

Throughout the entire process, Jo made me feel so comfortable and on the day of my wedding, I had never felt more like myself. Jo and the team created a dress for me that was beyond what I could have wished for. 100% me, 100% comfortable and with a twirl that was frankly addictive. Thank you so much xxx

Rachel G

Tom Biddle photos

5 Star Review ***** 

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for making me such a special dress for my wedding. From the minute I found you, you’re non judgemental , gentle, approach, listening to what I wanted and how I wanted to feel and ended up creating something I felt beautiful; and confident in beyond anything I could have imagined.

Thanks you for helping to make my day so special, I love my dress SO much and Chris did too. Importantly it was also Comfy and I just got my Dance on!!

Anyway I couldn’t have imagined such a stress free and fun Lovely experience so a MASSIVE Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t ever change, because you are fabulous x

Emma C

Babb Photo

5 Star Review ***** 

The best kept wedding secret in the UK… You do NOT have to pay a fortune for a couture dress of your dreams. I tried so many ‘off the rack’ dresses that made me feel miserable because most women are NOT a standard size! For Jo and her team it is vocational – its a cheerleading team to make you the dream dress with an honesty about what suits and highlighting your best features. Anything is possible in this Disneyland dress shop. I want to wear my own again and again…..

Sarah H

Sharon Cooper Photography

Where to start???

I met Jo at EWE wedding fayre in Birmingham (google it: AMAZING). Immediately liked her honest, unique and experienced way of talking.

Booked in a visit; never had been to see any wedding dresses at this point so had no idea what to expect. Well well well… totally blew my mind!! Her shop/studio/palace is amazing. SHE is amazing. Her team is amazing.

The dress was designed in Jo’s massive creative mind and she sketched it out on a bit of paper whilst I was babbling on. Incredible genius that she is, it was perfection.

Check the pictures of the dress here and suffice to say, it’s just incredible.

If you feel in any way self conscious, confused about the process, or are utterly bored by the same old wedding dresses that you find literally everywhere else, then Jo and her team are for you. Honestly, you won’t look anywhere else. She’s just the best.”

Lauren B

Tony Morrison Photography

Thank you so much for this beautiful dress, it was exactly how I envisioned it. I hated the idea of wearing a white dress and I am so glad I took the jump in finding something that I would feel comfortable in and not just wear something because it’s “traditional”. From start to finish Jo and the team were incredible in helping me create my dream dress. I have waited two years to finally wear this (thank you covid) and I felt so special in it, with so many people commenting how beautiful it was. Thank you again! ❤️

Elizabeth M

5 Star Review ***** 

Had the most beautiful dress made here, Jo was very thoughtful and made my family and I feel very welcome and open to ideas about different aspects of the dress. I couldn’t have asked more from her and she gave me a dress that had everyone coming up to me all night long to say how stunning and beautiful my dress was. Will treasure it forever

Elle C

Assassynation Photography

5 Star Review ***** 

Best decision I made for the wedding (not including making a cracking choice of husband of course!) Jo was like my fairy godmother and made my dress dreams a reality. Do not hesitate to let her make your dress!!! Xxx

Melanie W

Lisa Carpenter Photography

Helen S

Lisa Carpenter Photography

 5 Star Review ***** 

My biggest worry about getting married was “what am I going to wear?!”, but I needn’t have worried because once I met Jo, I knew that I was in safe hands. My dress ended up being the least stressful thing of the whole day!

I can’t recommend Jo enough – she’s talented, patient, funny and has the ability to put you at ease when trying to decide on the most expensive dress you’ll ever wear.
Jo is amazing. Her vision, skill and experience all came together to create my perfect dress. I didn’t really know what I wanted but Jo guided me along and the result was better than I ever expected it would be. It was also very “me” something Jo was able to spot when I couldn’t.
But more than designing and creating this fabulous dress (and a fabulous one for my bridesmaid too), Jo gave me the confidence to wear the dress and feel fantastic in it. And I did!
I had a great experience with Jo and her team. And I’ll never be able to thank them enough for everything they did. Thank you! 😘

Carol L

Rebbekah H

Memory cake Photography

Lauren P

 5 Star Review ***** 

There simply are not enough words to describe how over the moon I was when I found Jo and her team’s exquisite work on their website and social media. I had a rough start to looking for a wedding dress with a bad experience in a traditional wedding dress shop, this knocked my confidence and took the joy out of dress shopping. That all changed immediately when I had my first meeting with Jo. She welcomed myself, my mum and one of my bridesmaids into the colourful, interesting, and unique world of The Couture Company. Jo turned my vague and garbled idea into the dress of my dreams. As a plus size bride, Jo gave me back the confidence I lost, helped me feel at ease while trying on samples and it felt fabulous to realise I could have a unique dress that fitted me perfectly. Despite having to postpone due to Covid, Jo and her fab team were supportive and flexible as we were driving up from Kent for fittings.
Both my mother and I said we were not the crying type, but at that final fitting both of us shared tears of pride and joy when I got to try the completed dress on. On the day of our wedding, my husband’s reaction was priceless, he turned to me and said “Wow, your dress is so you and you are glowing”. The comments from our guests, the staff at the venue and the public blew me away. I felt comfortable, beautiful, elegant and unique all day. Jo and her team’s beautiful work is something I will always treasure and will always try to find any excuse to wear my corset or skirt again! I highly recommend Jo and The Couture Company team to anyone who wants a dress that makes you feel your most fabulous self on your wedding day. Thank you Jo and the team for giving me back my confidence and for my beautiful dress.

Natalie M


5 Star Review ***** 


The most wonderful wedding dress shop you could go to. Jo was an absolute sweetheart to talk to and her and her team gave me a dress that was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined!

 They make you a dress that’s so unique and as a plus size bride it was wonderful to be at a dress shop that made me feel confident. 

I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a dress that’s fabulous and unique!

Katie H

Larisa Shorina Photography (New york)

 5 Star Review ***** 

I knew I wanted a wedding dress with colour! I could never imagine myself with a plain dress so when I finally found The Couture Company on social media I knew they would be the ones to make me my dress.
It was very easy to communicate with Jo over email to arrange appointments and get the initial ideas. Jo understood what I wanted, offered great advice and is always happy to create a perfect dress whilst sticking to your budget!
My dress was perfect, every thing i wanted and more! Jo gave suggestions such as adding the lilac under skirt which just finished the dress! She also helped my shoes match too!
I felt beautiful in my dress and have received so many compliments! My favourite part is the giraffe. I’m giraffe mad and as soon as I asked to have one on my dress it was no bother! I was lucky to wear my dress twice but now I’m wishing I can one day wear it again!
Thank you Jo and your amazing team for making my beautiful dress ❤️
I would highly recommend this great team if you are looking for an extra special and unique wedding dress!


Sky Photography


S17 Photography

Megan A

State of Love and Trust Photography

 5 Star Review ***** 

I wanted to say a big thank you to Jo for creating the most amazing wedding dress for me. It exceeded all my expectations and was better than I could have imagined. The dress is so unique and is just me. On the day it fitted perfectly and gave me such confidence. I need to think of another occasion when I can wear it again. So many people at the wedding were stunned by how amazing it was.
Over the last couple of years I have changed my mind about what I wanted and my body shape had changed, Jo was so great in making these changes and creating the most fantastic dress.

Jade F

 5 Star Review ***** 

I honestly couldn’t be more ecstatic about my wedding dress! Jo and her team were amazing. On hand to give advice and also some badass suggestions on the dress, really personalised service, and all in all I got THE most beautiful dress I have ever seen ❤❤ I LOVE it and I received so many compliments on it! I just don’t want to take it off!! Can I do it all again? Please?!

Jodie E

 5 Star Review ***** 

So the shop is beautiful, the dresses are incredible, and Jo herself is super cool and fun, and weirdly able to see the crazy vision you are trying to explain with vague words and big gestures. Mind reading skills?? Not sure. I went to Jo asking to be made into the spangle sparkle space geisha of my dreams, and yes! Yes, she delivered, with bells on (or rather, with sequins on!!). No one else could have made the dress she did, been calm with us arriving en masse to the studio with conflicting ideas and been so supportive of my sparkle fantasies. Having a dress made specifically for me was such an exciting and memorable part of the whole crazy shebang. Thanks Jo!

Holly W

 5 Star Review ***** 

Absolutely loved my dress, such a show stopper on my wedding day! Had so many people say it was the prettiest wedding dress they had ever seen! Such s lovely welcoming shop as well.

Hannah E

Marta May Photography

Laura M

 5 Star Review ***** 

I honestly don’t know how to thank Jo and her wonderful team enough for my gorgeous dress! The thought of dress shopping was always so daunting to me because I was afraid I would never find something to suit me and what I had pictured for my wedding, until I found the couture company!
I was a bit worried at the start because we were travelling all the way from Belfast but it was honestly the best decision I could have made!
Jo couldn’t have been more lovely and welcoming, every step of the way she was just so helpful and reassuring!
My dress was absolutely perfect and better than I could have ever dreamed, I felt like a queen all day! 👑

Hannah C

Jason Williams Photography

 5 Star Review ***** 


Jo W

Nadia M

Marta May Photography

Charlotte S

Ruby Walker Photography


Jam Photography

 5 Star Review ***** 

Within a week of getting engaged, I had almost given up hope of finding a dress that was right for me. It was then that I stumbled across The Couture Company, Jo and the lovely team. I flew over from Ireland to Birmingham to meet Jo, and she not only was warm and welcoming, but she managed to draw and design the very dress I was imagining. The whole process felt like a real collaboration between Jo and me – even though it was Jo and her team who did the hard work – and it felt like we were creating something together. Every step, from design to finished dress, was an absolute delight; I have no idea how Jo and the team managed to handcraft the dress I saw in my head, but they did, and it was even better than I could have hoped.

On my wedding day I felt like me, first and foremost, but a heightened version of myself that I only could have dreamed of. I don’t know what I would have done without The Couture Company, their friendliness, talent and skill, and the wonderful creation of theirs I got to wear on the happiest day of my life. I can never thank The Couture Company enough for their beautiful work; if you want something that is beautifully made, hand crafted and most of all, you, then The Couture Company is the place for you. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Heather P

Amy Taylor Imaging

 5 Star Review ***** 

Absolutely nothing could prepare me for the happiness I felt as I saw my wedding dress, completed, plucked straight from my head and hanging in front of me in the Couture Company Shop!!!! Jo and her amazing team have been brilliant from day 1, I showed Jo my vision board for my dream dress and she just got me and exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t believe my eyes even just looking at the drawings she had done for me! Being plus size I didn’t feel confident going into the conventional white wedding dress shops, they just didn’t feel me and I didn’t want to feel judged for not wanting a white dress! I was made to feel absolutely normal and like the bride I was! I cannot praise Jo and her team enough, everything was utterly perfect and that’s before the actual wedding day!!!! Once the day arrived I cannot tell you how many people were in complete awe of the dress, everyone was completely in love with it and the more you looked at it, the more you saw to love! My husband was blown away and couldn’t believe I had managed to make a dress that was so me as well as being so awe-inducing! If you get the chance, please do consider the Couture Company for your wedding dress of dreams!!!! 💜 xxx

Martha K

 5 Star Review ***** 


Jo and her team are second to none. 

They make the most beautiful dresses and their embroidery is absolutely gorgeous. For someone who has never felt very confident Jo’s beautiful design made me feel like a Queen. I highly recommend them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Katie H


Mon Et Mine Photography

Sally Q

Catherine C

Images by Assassynation


Images by Peacock Obscura

5 Star Review ***** 

Jo and the team made me an absolutely fantastic dress for my Steampunk wedding. Everybody commented on how unique and beautifully detailed was. Special additions and alterations I requested were no problem for the Couture Co. ladies.
Thanks for making me feel special! ❤

Emma R

Images by Dubois Photography

Steph S

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5 Star Review ***** 

The staff are fantastic the end product is the dream dress and all the support in between is amazing. I loved the fact that Jo was as excited about the dress as I was..


5 Star Review ***** 

Cannot thank Jo and everyone and the couture company enough! My wedding dress was everything I had asked for and more, the attention to detail and the quality of the embroidery was out of this world!!

I knew I’d struggle with off the rail bridal gowns, especially having to battle with body confidence issues, not feeling confident was something that I didn’t want to ruin our big day.
Jo and the team managed to create a dress that not only made me feel confident but that was comfortable to wear for the whole day and to dance all night in too!
Thank you for creating the perfect dress for me and thank you for also creating the most amazing mother of the bride outfit! 🖤

Jodie K

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Sacha C

5 Star Review ***** 

My dress was perfect! I am not a “dress person” but jo was brilliant and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. The detail on my dress was perfect and I just couldn’t imagine wearing anything else. Thank you Jo and your team for being so approachable, knowledgeable and skilled. Loved the whole experience

Miranda J

Images by Sassy of Assassynation


Sarah H

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Multi star review

Where to start???

I met Jo at EWE wedding fayre in Birmingham (google it: AMAZING). Immediately liked her honest, unique and experienced way of talking.

Booked in a visit; never had been to see any wedding dresses at this point so had no idea what to expect. Well well well… totally blew my mind!! Her shop/studio/palace is amazing. SHE is amazing. Her team is amazing.

The dress was designed in Jo’s massive creative mind and she sketched it out on a bit of paper whilst I was babbling on. Incredible genius that she is, it was perfection.

Check the pictures of the dress here and suffice to say, it’s just incredible.

If you feel in any way self conscious, confused about the process, or are utterly bored by the same old wedding dresses that you find literally everywhere else, then Jo and her team are for you. Honestly, you won’t look anywhere else. She’s just the best.”

Miranda M

Amy C

Katy F



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Ashley H

5 Star Review ***** 

So my original budget for a dress was around £500 I never cared (or thought so) much about what dress I was going to wear I just wanted a 50s cut style with a rainbow petticoat so was just going to get a cheap one off of eBay or rack from a conventional wedding dress shop. The plan was always to spend more on bens suit because he cared more. But when I found you guys on Instagram and visited your workshop/store I instantly fell in love ? the idea of being able to have a dress completely tailored to me was like a dream! I live in handmade dresses so it only seemed natural. As a larger lady I knew what shape would suit me and I knew I wanted rainbow somewhere on the dress but also as much as a pastel bright pink outrageous dress would of been awesome I wanted to look as much like a bride as I could because you only do it once (if your lucky) ?

You guys made every appointment comfortable and welcoming especially as I was on my own with 3/4 of them. You listened to what I wanted and designed it down to a tea. I never felt like my ideas where not right and forced into a look I didn’t want. You helped in so many ways and create me a dress I couldn’t of dreamt of.


My husband semi knew about my dress and the style, colour and design as he came to one fitting with me (I didn’t let him see me in it though) I really care about his opinions because he gives good ideas as he’s a bit of a creative type.

When he saw me in my dress walking down the isle on the big day he saids I look happy with the way that I looked and that was the most important thing to him and beyond anything else I looked appropriate for the day we were planning to have.

Of course he saids I looked beautiful and what not but let’s be realistic he would say that. He just loved how relaxed and comfortable I was wearing it and that makes him happy too.

Thanks a bunch!

Ashley oxo”




5 Star Review ***** 

The whole process of getting a dress from the Couture Company was perfect. The moment I walked into the studio I knew I had made the right decision. Jo was helpful and understanding throughout and every visit made me feel more confident, and each time I saw my dress coming together I got more excited to see the finished result. In the end, it was exactly what I had hoped for, and on the day I felt exactly as I should – like me! All of our guests commented on how the dress was perfect for me, and I felt like it too. I still get to wear a little bit of my dress now and again as one of the embellishments was made into a brooch so I could wear it as little memento, which is just lovely. Thank you to Jo and all her lovely staff for making such brilliant dresses! ” Mel xx

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Karen A

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5 Star Review ***** 

What can I say about the amazing Couture company! Jo created my dream dress for our gothic wedding on 30th October xx From our initial consultation, right up until completion, my experiences were all amazing! There is nothing that Jo didn’t deliver, even when I changed my mind on a few things, she never made me feel like I was being a pain, and her patience is amazing ! Jo and the girls are just a wonderful bunch of people , and it was a pleasure on each visit. I believe there is nobody out there that could have designed and made my dress any better and would recommend them to everyone wanting a dress that is different from the usual stuff in the shops! THANKYOU all so much xx my dress is amazing and everyone loved it so much xxxx



5 Star Review ***** 

I can’t emphasise enough what an amazing and wonderful experience I had. I pretty much knew what I wanted but Jo was able to guide me in making decisions about the length and fit so it made me look my absolute best. I was so happy and at ease during the fittings and I’m utterly thrilled with the custom embroidery work on the dress. I’m planning on wearing it every year!

Becky W

Karen D

Caroline M

Nicola H


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5 Star Review ***** 

When I got engaged, dress buying was the least important part of the wedding planning…having been to a few wedding dress shops with friends who were getting married , i just knew no”regular” shop would have anything that firstly I would fit into and more importantly would suit my weird style. My best friend then sent me a picture from the “trailer trash” shoot with the Inkspiration dress and instantly I knew The Couture Company would be the one for me! I swiftly made an appointment and I can honestly say, it was the best decision I ever made! The dresses were all amazing and the one i picked was perfect for Heavy Metal Festival theme wedding. The tattoo designs were personalised to go with our theme, the bands we love and the tattoos we have. From the very 1st e-mail right up until I collected the dress, Jo was amazing and had great suggestions and came up with the most perfect dress that I felt fantastic in! I loved visiting the beautiful shop and never felt awkward at all! On the big day itself, everyone commented on how beautiful it was! Even my mum who wanted me to wear a traditional dress admitted that there is no other dress for me! Thank you so much Jo and the Team. You guys are brilliant and you made my day extra special! Anyone thinking about using the Couture Company….do it! It will be the best thing you decide for your wedding! xxx