How long do dresses take to make?

We usually ask for 4-5 months notice on dress order particularly if your wedding is May-August. This is to guarantee we can fit it into our work schedule and get the fabric in time.

However it’s always worth asking if we can squeeze you into our schedule if its less than 5 months, we have been known to turn a made to measure dress round in  6 weeks!! (but it depends on factors such as, is the fabric/lace available/have we man hours left in the month to do it? how flexible you are to come for fittings?) It’s ALWAYS worth asking.

What size samples do you have in the shop?

We stock a selection of gowns in varying shapes and sizes, so we can hopefully give you an idea and options on different silhouettes and colourways sizes from  10-24

What is Made to measure?

This is where we take you measurements and make a gown in stages to fit you, you will be required to attend at least 3 fittings, so we can ensure the dress fits you perfectly.

We charge £195 for this, and this price includes All fittings, ALL alterations and having the dress made to your shape and proportions 🙂

I have a picture of a dress, can you make me a replica?

No, we do not copy other designers work, so please do not ask us to.

All You Need To Know!!!

Why do they take so long?

The dresses do not actually take that long to make but we need to factor in ordering and sometimes waiting for fabric (on certain laces we have to wait 3 months for lace to be made), we need to schedule in at least 3 fittings on Made to measure dresses,

What dress sizes do you make in?

We can make for ANY shape or size!!!!

Can I choose any colour?

YES, if the fabrics are available in the colour that you want then we can make it for you, all options and fabrics can be discussed at your consultation

How many fittings do I need?

Once we have taken your measurements we usually do 3 fittings,(but sometimes 4) the first is a Toile fitting ( a mock- up) This is usually made in calico to get the fit and all the styling/lengths/necklines etc correct and in place before we cut and make up in your actual dress fabric.

I live Overseas, can you make me a dress still?

Yes, we have sent dresses to overseas brides, some have had a toile made first that we send over and they have fitted by a local tailor/dressmaker, they then take lots of photographs of the client wearing the toile, notes are made and everything then sent back to us so we can make the real thing. Please take into account that you will incur courier charges and potentially custom charges. Read Ruby’s story here, she ordered her dress with us and lives in the USA 

My wedding is in less than 3 months, can you still make me a gown?

It is always worth dropping us an email to see if it is possible, if our workload is not too hectic, and we have fabric readily available then we can look into it.

Can I buy a dress that you have on the rail?

All the dresses we have are samples that we use for trying on brides to be in their consultations, so they have been tried on a few times and are no longer brand new gowns. We do occasionally sell these dresses,so it is worth enquiring

I want to lose weight before I order my dress how late can I leave it before ordering?

We would never encourage anyone to lose weight to get into a dress, or add to the pressure that brides feel to lose weight before a wedding,  the person who is marrying you loves you for you and not a thinner version of you!!!

But if you were planning on losing weight then we can take your order at any time , be it 6 months 12 months or 2 years before the wedding, we can leave taking your measurements until nearer the time so 3-4 months before the wedding, and if you aim for your optimum weight for about 2 months before the wedding so we can make sure the dress fits you perfectly 🙂

Can I send you the link to my wedding Pinterest Board?

Yes by all means, we use pinterest for research and as a great resource a lot !! Name the board with your name or a nickname please, as we get a lot of boards called Wedding Dress, so sometimes they are hard to find when all boards are named the same ;P


Our gowns range from £1200-3000+ 

 We can do an accurate costing at your consultation, as it will depend on factors such as :- the fabric, details, embellishment and work involved to create that gown, or if there is  a dress on the website you like or want something similar to it, then please feel free to ring or email  and we can give you the price options.

Discounts & Deals

Do you ever do special offers?

Not very often  but please  keep an eye on our social media in case we do run any deals 🙂 

Do you sell your samples?

Yes , some of our samples are available at huge discounts. Watch out for the pink SALE tags in the shop

Check out our sample sales Next one will be Early 2023

Check just a small selection HERE, and message to see if still available

How long is a consultation?

We allocate 60-90 minutes per consultation. We find this is enough time to get an initial good idea, try on some gowns, and  discuss design ideas

If you are late it will make your appointment shorter,as we will have someone booked in for the next hourly slot. Please try and telephone if you are running late 0121 643 8045

What do I need to bring and wear for a consultation?

Wear a good bra and full knickers I.E. No thongs please 😉

We have a small selection of shoes to give height  when trying on gowns, but you are more than welcome to bring a pair of your own.

Can I take photographs in my consultation?

No, we do not allow photographs to be taken. Most of the dresses you are trying on are available to view on our website or Facebook pages, so you can always check on there is you want to refresh your mind about styles you have tried on

Consultations & Appointments

Are consultations private?

Yes , the shop will only be used by you and your guests for the duration, so you have our undivided attention with our designers/consultants

How many people can I bring to a consultation or fitting?

 We are only a small shop so we would be grateful if you could limit your guests to 3 or 4, anymore than that makes the atmosphere and shop a little  cramped.

Can we bring children?

In an ideal situation it would be better not to bring children to your consultation, purely so you can concentrate and focus on your dress and choices. However we totally appreciate that in certain circumstances you have no choice, so we would just ask that there is someone there to look after/supervise children (particularly young children) whilst you are having a consultation

Do you do Sunday or Late night Appointments?

Sorry but we are closed on Sundays, it’s our family day and we do not offer late night appointments at present

I have photos of dresses/details that I like, can I bring them to my consultation?

Yes by all means, we like to get a feel of the styles of dresses you like or certain details that you like, we can use these as a starting point in the design process, so we can create something totally bespoke for you

Do you charge for consultations?

NO, consultations are FREE of charge, but please do us the courtesy of telling us if you cannot make an appointment, so that we can offer the time to someone who could be on the waiting list, as explained above, the shop and one of our designers are allocated to you for the duration of your consultation.

We appreciate that circumstances can change and we always try to be flexible but we have had a couple of people recently who just did not attend appointments made, without any call or email to explain, we feel it is common courtesy to let us know.

How Do We Find You?

You can find a map on our Getting Here page and on our Contact page. If you are travelling by car then make sure you check out the information on the Clean Air Zone that Birmingham has introduced.  Click here to find out more.


Do you buy back dresses after the wedding?

No, this is not a service that we offer

Do you alter other wedding dresses and bridesmaids?

We do not offer an alteration service other than on our own gowns, however we can recommend a very good seamstress who does this.

Do you hire dresses?

Sorry, no we do not offer a hire service

Do you make Bridesmaid gowns?

We offer a bridesmaids making service to clients who have ordered their wedding gowns, I am afraid we cannot offer a full bridesmaid service to everyone as we simply do not have the production capacity.


My budget won’t stretch to me buying one of your dresses, so can I buy your fabric, patterns or have a dress embroidered from you?

Whilst we can sell embroidered belts and brooches for you to accessorize with, we do not sell our fabrics, patterns or do embroideries on other brand’s gowns.

If you feel we haven’t answered your question then please feel free to email info @ 

or telephone 0121 643 8045

We are more than happy to help whenever possible 🙂