Downtown disco Divas rock this Studio 54 inspired shoot

We  had the most fabtastic time working on this shoot with our photgrapher pal and all round lovely person Camera Hannah.

The idea behind the shoot was a Studio 54 Disco space goddess feel !! yeh!! random inspiration I know, but its all the things I love about the 70’s!! Using fierce models with big hair, tonnes of sequins and sparkles and a giant Disco ball!! what’s not to Love???

Enjoy these gorgeous photos and check out the amazing people who were involved at the end 🙂



























All The amazing people who were involved can be found here:-

Photography: Camera Hannah

Dresses & Jackets: The Couture Company

Models: Lillith-Vindictive La’Farce 

Stephanie May

Holly Alana Williams

Hair and Make up: Nicola Honey 

Make up and glitter: Wish Upon a Sparkle

Props /lights: Grande Luxe Co 

Hair accessories: Crown and Glory

Hair accessories and jewellery: Jane Bowler 

Jewellery: Working clasp jewellery 

lighting assistant: Kate Jackson

All shot on location in Cafe Colette , Birmingham

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