Luxe Lilac Haze – a bespoke Lavender gown created with an alternative bride in mind

A while ago we collaborated with creative photographer Lisa Jane, and make up Maestro Elbie Van Eden ,and headpiece designer Cherished Vintage….

Lots of ideas flew around our pinterest boards and we created this beautiful organic inspired gown, full of the hues of lavender to the darkest Indigo, we created all the flowers in silks, and each petal was lovingly hand paimted, all the beadwork was created and is completely bespoke for this luscious luxe gown.

The shots below are some of my favourites, and what Lisa Jane and Elbie did on the day was truly gorgeous we LOVE these shots so much

Enjoy the view!!

Images Copyright of Lisa Jane Photography285A4679 285A5542 285A5538 285A5533 285A5520 285A5484 285A5434 285A5318 285A5143 285A4917 285A4907 285A4860 285A4825 285A4803 285A4796 285A4794 285A4720 285A4718 285A4717

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