Olga’s Big FAB Greek wedding with classic cut 1950’s dress, and some lovely words too x

I am so pleased to be able to share Olga’s beautiful Greek wedding, Olga married in her native Athens!! just look at the views!!! I love the beautiful heavier silk damask pattern mixed with the soft honey tones of tuilles….Olga reminds me  a 50’s film star xx so classic and chic xxx Please scroll down for Olga’s adventures with us xG140608_0489G140608_0177 G140608_0179  G140608_0496 G140608_0526 G140608_0539 G140608_0540 G140608_0547 G140608_0550

Thanks Olga for your lovely write up, it was our absolute please to create this gown for you

“Our decision to have a Greek church wedding was kind of spontaneous and gave us less than 4 months to plan the whole event abroad. I always knew I wanted to get married at the highest point in Athens, the Lycabettus Hill. I also had an idea of my dream wedding gown; it had to be a big 1950s style gown with an edge. Most of the wedding gown stores I visited were only getting terrified in the idea they would need to have the dress ready in a fraction of time and I was getting frustrated as I couldn’t find anything that would match my dream wedding gown ready made. Also, the fact my mother is a costume designer always guided me towards having a bespoke and good quality dress. Anything else would be a compromise.

After tears and despair my online research led me to the Couture Company website. I was impressed by the unique designs and materials; these dresses had the edge I was looking for and most importantly they were real bespoke gowns. However, I was almost certain I would get rejected due to the short time I had left before I needed to travel to Greece for the big day. When I first contacted Jo and we booked the first appointment I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. The Couture Company provided me with the experience I was looking for the big day. I took some vintage dresses’ pictures with me and we discussed the design of the ideal dress. I will never forget how excited I felt when they agreed to actually create it for me and I had the opportunity to actually see and feel the fabric before the dress was made.
It only took three or four fittings before I could take the dress home with me. It was amazing. The first fitting was the a very plain material version of the dress and when we agreed on the details I started feeling like a princess, looking even more forward to the day I would actually wear it.

When I eventually travelled to Athens I knew straight away that my choice would be reviewed by my mother. She pointed out how spotless and perfectly made was the dress. My mother in law also commented I couldn’t have made a better choice on a dress. When the big day arrived, everybody commented on the design, the uniqueness of the fabric, how great it fitted me and that it looked much more expensive than its actual cost. The dress the Couture Company created for me is equal to quality and style, more than what I had imagined.

I very recently received the dvd from the wedding day. It brought me up all the memories of the day, but I also enjoyed so much seeing the way the dress moves and how it is captured on camera.

I can’t thank or recommend Jo and her team enough. They created a fantastic dress in a very short time. It is a bit over a year after the wedding day and there are still people commenting on my dress.

Thank you Jo!!! xx


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These beautiful photos are copyright of Pantelis Chadoulis photography

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