Nicola: A relaxed British beach wedding


I love Nicola!! I love that she trusted us to make her look super gorgeous and I love that she put her trust in me when it came to choosing the perfect colour for her and her beach wedding!!

Nicola came to us with certain things that she wanted incorporating into her gown, It had to be simple and stylish, nothing too fussy or embellished, something a bit Boho, with a sleeve …….. So we chatted and I sketched a few ideas down , suggested a fabric that was a bit swishy and that hung and fell beautifully, so we chose Changeant Silk Chiffon…. in the most gorgeous shade of pale aqua turquoise, we overlaid it onto a very pale pwder blue silk crepe de chine. Perfect for a relaxed British beach wedding in May

The most rewarding moment of the year for me was helping Nicola into her gown at her final fitting, and seeing the beaming smiles on both her and her mums faces as she came out of the changing room!! That was priceless, you cannot buy or fake smiles like that!! I must admit  my eye started leaking a little at that point, but hopefully they didn’t notice ;-P

Thank you Nicola for choosing us, for sending us your gorgeous pics and this awesome testimonial xxx

“thank you Jo for creating such a beautiful dress for me and for being so lovely. Organising a dress was an experience I was dreading and you made it very enjoyable. It was always a pleasure to come for my fittings and you made me feel so relaxed and confident. I loved the dress and felt great in it and it was so beautifully made. I kept peeking at it before the wedding and it made me smile so much. The fact you cater for all shapes and sizes and know how to make all brides look wonderful is really unique. I am so glad I found you! Thank you again.” Nicola

Now I know it’s not easy for a bride to put complete trust in us to make her a gown, especially when its a dress designed from scratch , and a colour you can only see on a shade card….I totally get that…and that is the reason I started this blog and asked my brides to be honest about how they felt about their gowns , their wedding days and the service we gave them. I can tell brides till I am blue in the face that they will look gorgeous and the dress we have designed will be totally them, and fit them like a glove….but you cannot go on blind faith…I know that….so hopefully now you  brides-to-be can see some of the  gowns we have made, and how beautiful our brides look, and take confidence from these blogposts 🙂

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