Kath and Sean got hitched Doctor Who style – in a Tardis and dalek alternative wedding dress

els-design Kath & Sean016 (Copy)Katherine came to us all the way from Louisiana!! She was marrying her British beau Sean and she was super excited and nervous all at the same time. What a sweetheart she was and an absolutely pleasure to work with. We loved working on her dress and especially the Doctor Who inspired belt….Katherine wanted a Tardis as Sean LOVES Dr Who, so we then suggested …how about 2 Daleks kissing in front of a Tardis???? she was sold and we got to work!!

Love her!!! xxx els-design Kath & Sean034 (Copy)  els-design Kath & Sean003 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean004 (Copy)

Kath wrote a lovely testimonial ,we hope you find it inspiring !!

“As a plus-size bride-to-be, I read so many horror stories from women who were insulted and shamed about their weight when looking for a wedding dress in popular chain stores and even some independent boutiques. Amongst all of the negativity, I was able to hunt down The Couture Company. I immediately fell in love with Jo’s designs and range; I had never had a dream dress but I knew I’d find it with Jo. At our first meeting, Jo gave me a big hug and quickly quieted my fears and insecurities. By the end of my appointment, we had picked out the perfect dress and Jo was already conjuring up Whovian extras.

My subsequent meetings with Jo were the absolute best; not only was my dress coming together in the most amazing way but our meetings had become a very welcome (and needed!) therapeutic break in the crazy months leading up to our wedding. I can say with absolute certainty that if it hadn’t been for Jo, I would have spent my wedding day in a poorly-made, ill-fitting, mass-produced dress that would have left me wanting to be invisible. I know this because that awful outlook is what I had mentally conceded to, before finding The Couture Company. Instead, I had an amazing day and did not completely shy away from all of the attention directed toward my husband and me! Everyone loved my dress so much that it made the journey to America with us for our stateside religious ceremony a month after our wedding in Kent.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jo and everyone who works with her. Not only did Jo create an amazing dress, she also helped me find some previously non-existent self-confidence that continues to help me. Thank you so much!

Kath x”

els-design Kath & Sean005 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean006 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean007 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean008 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean009 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean010 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean011 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean012 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean013 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean014 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean015 (Copy)  els-design Kath & Sean017 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean018 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean019 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean020 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean021 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean022 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean023 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean024 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean025 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean026 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean027 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean028 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean029 (Copy) els-design Kath & Sean030 (Copy)  els-design Kath & Sean035 (Copy)Photos with thanks and copyright of https://www.facebook.com/ElsWeddingPhotographyKent/timeline

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