Crazy Cath’s Elopement to Oz – Alternative wedding dresses

The lovely and crazy Cath came to us wanting something that was “here” not to girly, not to long, not to hot as she was getting married on Christmas day on the beach in Sydney, Australia….so we got to work and made this rainbow inspired starstruck dress !!! such good fun!!! Congratulations lovely lady! xxDSC00560 (Copy) DSC00562 (Copy)

We Had a lovely testimonial and review left by Cath””A unique place that loves life, love and your experience there – just the best place you could go to make your dream dress a reality!! I’ve never reviewed before or felt any need, but these guys are so beyond awesome, more people should get the chance to have their wishes come true and The Couture Co. deserve all the props, praise & business for making it so xx Much love”

Cath wrote to tells us about her day “thanks so much again for all your hard work. The dress was everything I hoped it would be…  It was pretty hot in the morning after some epic raining which caused no end of stress, so I wore the petticoat part of part of my dress at the beach with a light white frock, then for our first [!] xmas lunch, I had on the corset with leggings, then later when we went to like a Xmas all inclusive buffet, which was awesome and cooler, I had my full ensemble on! It was just as perfect and changeable as I’d dreamed, so I had the paper dolly dressing up combo effect that I wanted to help me feel confident throughout the whole day and thank you again so much.

So as it was just us and everything was closed, we had hours to prat about taking pics, so I’ve sent some that are styling, that showcase your awesome work [as best we could with a click stick] and just us plebbing about which was pretty much our theme – I giggled all the way through the 10 minute ceremony and as I’ve said, ended up having 2 Xmas dinners and getting totally plastered, just how we wanted it!”

DSC00566 (Copy) IMG_0311 (Copy) IMG_0322 (Copy) IMG_0329 (Copy) IMG_0339 (Copy) IMG_0341 (Copy) IMG_0358 (Copy) IMG_0388 (Copy) IMG_0390 (Copy) IMG_0392 (Copy) IMG_0399 (Copy) IMG_0411 (Copy) IMG_0445 (Copy)



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