A VERY SPECIAL offer for all you awesome couples needing an awesome photographer

I work closely with one of the best alternative wedding photographers , Sassy from Assassynation ….she has a wonderful way about her and is a super creative person… She has hotfooted it ALL over the UK  to shoot her couples,from The highlands of Scotland to the beaches of Cornwall and across the World from Miami to Monte Carlo!!..Here is an inspiring selection of some of her recent work…

PortfolioAssassynation-1437 (Copy)

PortfolioAssassynation-1439 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1438 (Copy)   PortfolioAssassynation-1442 (Copy)PortfolioAssassynation-1432 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1429 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1425 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1424 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1423 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1422 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1421 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1418 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1416 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1415 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1414 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1410 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1405 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1402 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1401 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1400 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1394 (Copy) PortfolioAssassynation-1390 (Copy)  NeilJenAssassynation-10040 (Copy) NeilJenAssassynation-10039 (Copy) NeilJenAssassynation-10037 (Copy) NeilJenAssassynation-10034 (Copy) NeilJenAssassynation-10028 (Copy) NeilJenAssassynation-10021 (Copy) NeilJen2Assassynation-10001 (Copy) LouiseIanAssassynation-10037 (Copy) LouiseIanAssassynation-10034 (Copy) LouiseIanAssassynation-10024 (Copy)  LouiseIanAssassynation-10007 (Copy)

I witnessed her in action at my best friend Karl’s wedding the other week, and everyone thought she was fantastic, The shots I have seen so far are just gorgeous and here are a couple from that awesome day  Cute eh??? Love these two !!!

KateKarlAssassynation-10785 (Copy) KateKarlAssassynation-10831 (Copy) KateKarlAssassynation-10328 (Copy)


So we have a very special offer for you, Sassy has very generously offered anyone who has not already booked  their photography and who reads this article, a whopping £200 discount off your wedding photography ..Thats quite a saving !! 🙂

To qualify  you just have to comply with the following

1.Quote COUTURE when you get in touch with Sassy at  sassy@assassynation.co.uk

2. Book with her before 31st October 2013 (Make sure that Sassy is available on your wedding day)

3.Leave a comment below  xx

(hurry because the end of this year and 2014 is starting to fill up)

Aren’t we good to YOU???

If you want to read some reviews ,Check out her facebook page and read the awesome testimonials from her fabulous couples 🙂

BeckieNickAssassynation-10065 (Copy) BeckieNickAssassynation-10060 (Copy) BeckieNickAssassynation-10052 (Copy) BeckieNickAssassynation-10051 (Copy) BeckieNickAssassynation-10045 (Copy) BeckieNickAssassynation-10038 (Copy) BeckieNickAssassynation-10021 (Copy) AlexJoAssassynation-10009 (Copy) AlexJoAssassynation-10007 (Copy) AlexJoAssassynation-10005 (Copy) AlexJoAssassynation-10004 (Copy) AlexJoAssassynation-10003 (Copy) 8T1A6954 (Copy) 8T1A6878 (Copy) 8T1A6706 (Copy) 8T1A6558 (Copy)

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