Rock the frock bridal Boutique is now stocking our gowns for Essex-London-South East

EWE logoWe are absolutely thrilled , delighted ecstatic, jumping up and down and spinning round with excitement here at Couture Co HQ, because the very awesome Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique in Essex now stocking our gowns, We get so so many of you gorgeous South East girls wanting our dresses and Birmingham has been a little bit too far, that we decided we needed someone who had as great service and will look after you as we would look after you. Karen , is Rock the Frock’s owner and is so super awesome and lovely, we know you southern belles will be in great hands going to them:)

Here are the dresses that they are currently stocking

The Couture Company Alternative Bespoke Custom Made Wedding Dresses Rockabilly 1950s Tea Length Swing Vintage Lace Tattoo Tattooed Bride The Couture Company Bespoke Alternative Wedding Dresses Steph061 Photo Steve Gerrard
The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-custom-made-wedding-dresses-vintage-lace-silk-rockabilly-1950s-tea-length-vintage-lace-embroidered-dress-bride-coloured-gala-darling-assassynation ( (3)


The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-wedding-quirky-dresses-assassynation (69)

the-couture-company-camera-hannah (1)

The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-custom-made-wedding-quirky-dresses-rockabilly-1950s-tea-length-swing-vintage-lace-tattoo-tattooed-embroidered-lace-dress-bride-pink-Photo-NikkiCooper (1) (Copy)
Cherrie Blossom

The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-custom-made-wedding-quirky-dresses-rockabilly-1950s-tea-length-swing-vintage-lace-tattoo-tattooed-embroidered-lace-dress-bride-pink-Photo-NikkiCooper  (24) (Copy)

Steph M
The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-custom-made-wedding-quirky-dresses-1950s-swing-vintage-lace-embroidered-lace-dress-bride-teal-turquoise-blue-pink-polkadot-assassynation (9)

The-couture-company-alternative-bespoke-wedding-quirky-dresses-1950s-swing-vintage-lace-embroidered-lace-dress-bride-teal-blue-pink-polkadot-assassynation (69)

 Rock the Frock

Maltings Road, Battlesbridge, Essex, SS11 7RF /

By appointment -Phone: 01268 661982

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