Photos from the “Underworld ” series by acclaimed alternative photographer Rebecca Litchfield with our wedding dresses

A few weeks ago we were invited by creative photographer Rebecca Litchfield to collaborate  with her on her ” Underworld” project, after seeing the images she had already done on this , I was absolutely honoured and super excited to be able to provide some of the gowns for her Muse to wear at this daybreak shoot in an abandoned manor house….

These photographs  just blew us away……so so SO beautiful

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Here is what Rebecca wrote about her wonderful and inspiring project ”

This shoot has been a dream for a long time. I first stepped foot in this manor house over 2 and a half years ago. I had actually put this shoot together many many months ago but just as the date approached to do it, the house became unable to visit.
For so long I dreamt about this scene, my heart torn apart that I would never be able to make it a reality. But then one day while talking to a friend, I was made aware that it was possible, it wouldnt be easy, but that has never stopped me before.
I was lucky to have an amazing model, Jessica Nicole Griffiths recently arrived in London from Melbourne. She was so up for it, it made me the happiest person alive and with the help of amazing Matthew Adams and Richie Gowen we had made it into the house in pitch darkness, arms full of beautiful gowns made my The Couture Company
During the mission to get inside, Richie had already faceplanted a shallow river as he slipped on the log across it. Poor Rich was freezing cold as we slept in this beautiful abandoned manor house.
Sleeping in such a decaying building, with the bitter cold coming through the windows and dust coating the floor, it was a test of endurance, but worth it when the sun finally came up and revealed the beautiful house ready for us to get these photos.
I’m so happy I made this a reality finally. I hope you enjoy the photos”
 and to see more please Visit Rebecca’s website herePhotographer: Rebecca Litchfield Photography
Model: Jessica’s Wanderlust
Acccessories: Natasha Jane5Low Res (Copy) 6Low Res (Copy)

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