Elle’s alternative mermaid wedding dress and some lovely words too

ElleJohnAssassynation-10583Elle and John got married a few weeks ago, and its so lovely to see all their ideas and plans come together in these fab photos by our pal Sassy at Assassynation.

It was such a pleasure to work with Elle on her gown , and we are so delighted with how stunning she looks and also we are blown away with her lovely testimonial, Congratulations !! You guys rock!!!! xxx

Elle has set herself up as a wedding stylist after creating  some beautiful pieces for her tables and her feather chandeliers!! they are so cool, check more out here xElleJohnAssassynation-10005 ElleJohnAssassynation-10014 ElleJohnAssassynation-10029 ElleJohnAssassynation-10034 ElleJohnAssassynation-10073 ElleJohnAssassynation-10202 ElleJohnAssassynation-10205 ElleJohnAssassynation-10211 ElleJohnAssassynation-10214 ElleJohnAssassynation-10218 ElleJohnAssassynation-10226 ElleJohnAssassynation-10301

Elle wrote ” Oh my god, where do I start…Jo, you literally made my dreams come true. You are a like the fairy Godmother of weddings!

I’d been to 6 bridal shops in my search for ‘the one’. Trying dresses on, feeling like there was always something missing. I knew the shape I wanted and I knew the overall feeling I wanted but I just wasn’t getting anywhere close. I searched the internet, pinterest, magazines, shops, everywhere. I was literally going insane just panicking that I was never going to find what I wanted and that it just didn’t even exist! Then BOOM…I found a blog that had your dresses on and I just knew you were going to be my answer.

My first appointment came and I showed you images, drew you a little piccie and described as best I could my vision of a dress that feels like waves/sea foam at the bottom. I still can’t find the exact words that describe what I wanted, but Jo it was like you got into my head, took a photo and then plopped it down in front of me!

There is no doubt that committing to having your wedding dress handmade, is a scary thought. But when I met with you Jo and I saw all your other amazing creations close up, all nerves flew out of the window. The next fitting came when I tried on the toile dress…I would have worn that to our wedding! It may have just been a bit of canvas to get the fit right but damn did it fit! It gave me shape I never thought I had…I had hips and a bum!!!

Each time I came for a fitting you added a bit more and my dream was becoming more and more a reality. The day came when I got my finished dress and I can not even begin to explain the joy I saw when I looked into the mirror. I had my whimsical wave dress that reminded me of the sea, I had the feeling of something fitting so perfectly that I actually felt sexy yet still bridal. And I had the quirky burst of colour underneath which blew peoples minds when I pulled up my dress for a good old boogie! My dress was a reflection of me and how I feel inside and the loves that myself and my hubby share. I never expected to be able to say that about a dress! Then the moment came when I walked down the aisle, my husband-to-be’s face I will never forget. He said he saw me, the me that he’s always loved…and then burst into tears! I wanted the dress to be a reflection of myself (obviously with a bit of hair and make-up!) and not me trying to be someone else. Jo you saw that and worked your magic like no ‘off the shelf’ dress could.

People say that you only wear your wedding dress once…but god damn I’m gonna wear this as much as possible! Already planning a 1st anniversary shoot in it, and planning on starting a tradition where all us married girls meet up regularly and just drink wine in our dresses. It’s too good to stick back in a bag and shove up in the loft…even if I just do the dishes in it I’m not putting it away!!

Thank you sooooooo much Jo, you are so very talented in what you do and I know you are making so many girls dreams come true every day.

Massive love and hugs.

Elle  xxxxxxxxx ”

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