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Jess’s eclectic frock was totally unique and bespoke to her and her wedding -Alternative Wedding Dresses

We met Jess when she entered ( AND WON) our competition at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, what an amazingwedding she had planned, lots of fun and brimming with everything her and her fiance Roger loved!!

We were so excited creating the sea green, teal and black  gown for Jess, from finding the green leopard print to coming up  with the ideas for Jess’s eclectic mix of embroideries to go on the dress, there were so many great personal touches  from an embroidery of Rogers fave guitar, to a Totoro for Jess’s son Zak, we included a tardi hurtling towards the Milky way, conjoined skulls, musical notes  and a bird skull feather bow on the back.

I absolutely love these photos by our awesome Assassynation
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Not only did Jess find ourselves and Assassynation at the show, but she found the lovely Ellie the celebrant from Alternative Ceremonies Uk , and also the fabulous entertainment of Joypads Come to the Eclectic wedding Extravaganza on the 1-2nd April in Birmingham , and enter the competition to win vouchers to wards your wedding dress and photography with The Couture Company and Assassynation 🙂


14 Mar 2017

A dark fairytale elfen wedding for our Swedish bride Lina

Well , I am very very excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you because we just LOVED working with Lina on her gown!! the brief was “Dark Fairytale” and we loved it!! We created the embellishments and hand painted the hem line and Lina created most  the colourful creatures  on her dress!! . When she told us she was wearing antlers and elf ears for her Swedish waterside woodland wedding we knew this was going to be an amazing wedding !!. We love everything about this and think that Lina and her new husband Karl look like absolutely magical creatures too

Photos with thanks to Studio 56, Sweden013149


Thanks so much to Lina  for these lovely words 🙂 , seeing and ready about the weddings we work so hard on is the best part of our job

” A HUGE thank you for everything! The whole process was a joy, I felt you got the idea straight away and it couldn’t have been realised better. The dress is simply stunning, it made me feel amazing the whole day and everyone loved it. It’s a fairytale dress, it more than any other part really made the wedding theme work! Your attention to detail, the experimental parts of the process, the imagination – you and your team have been fabulous! I almost want to get married again for an excuse to wear the dress again (or get another one!). The wedding was great fun – a big party with everyone more or less dressed up. We had werewolves, elf warriors, fairies, even a demon or two.Thank you so much, words can’t express how happy I am with the dress! ”

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The photos are by Maria at

10 Nov 2016