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Louise totally rocked her ombre kimono caped wedding gown

We are delighted and blown away to share Louise and Lawrence’s amazing wedding photos by our ultimate fave photographer Assassynation. 

We loved working with Louise and creating her silk ombre kimono gown with cape back!!…just check out the flowers and birds on her belt too!

What wonderful photos of the day at the awesome Walcott Hall… and Louise totally nailing being a badass bride xxx

12 Jul 2018

When space goddesses descend to earth for a downtown dirty disco – Alternative wedding dresses

Intergalactic downtown dirty space  disco was the  brief!! as you do!!…

We love working on creative shoots especially with awesome photographers like the wonderful Camera Hannah . Having worked with Hannah in the past , I KNOW she can BRING it and we always know she will GET what we want to do and we work very well together, equally we have some amazing creative folks who worked on the shoot, and all their credits and link are listed at the bottom of the page:)

So Yeah, Think, Space Disco, think Star wars and Princess Leia getting down at Studio 54…our space goddesses have just landed their craft…and they are here to show the world how  they rock it and get down in outer space……

So we teamed up sequins stars and sparkles with beautiful billowing silk georgette, we absolutely loved it!!

Anh what an amazing location at Cafe Colette in Birmingham too

Check out our NEW range of leather jackets too….the embroideries are out of the world!!

So…….Meet our space vixens, Steph, Holly Alana, and Lillith- Vindictive La farce

Photography: Camera Hannah

Dresses & Jackets: The Couture Company

Hair and Make up: Nicola Honey 

Make up and glitter: Wish Upon a Sparkle

Light Props, wings and star: Grande Luxe Co 

Hair accessories: Crown and Glory 

Hair accessories and jewellery: Jane Bowler

Jewellery: Working clasp jewellery

lighting assistant: Kate Jackson

Location : Cafe Collette


Lillith-Vindictive La’Farce

Stephanie May

Holly Alana Williams

24 Apr 2018

Cute coloured rainbow lace dress for Krissy- Alternative wedding dresses

Is this dress just the cutest most fun dress we have ever made?? I really think it is…I have been waiting to see the photos for a while and boy was it worth the wait. Krissy was just the loveliest bride, right up our street….she absolutely loved what we do and was so excited at every meeting and fitting…. We created  Krissy’s dress in silk organza and appliqued handpainted lace flowers around the waistline and skirt, and finished it off with the brightest rainbow petticoat and buttons 🙂

We are so lucky to have so many amazing and unique brides!




Thanks so so much for this lovely testimonial Krissy  “Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding dress you made me. I had a lot of anxiety around being ‘a bride on display’, and when we were planning the wedding the worst bit was thinking about the dress, as someone with poor self confidence and body image i was terrified, and felt i would never find anything i would be comfortable with. Thank glob we found you. The minute i walked in i was stunned by the dresses on display and sally made me feel so comfortable during the first fitting. Nothing was too much trouble, it felt like a true collaboration. Most importantly I felt comfortable, beautiful and super excited! After that day i had no more worries about how i would look on our big day. I was so excited about each fitting and knew i would always be met with a warm welcome. When we came to collect the dress and i tried it on i couldn’t believe it, i know it would be fabulous but you exceeded my expectations. You took my dreams and made them a reality. On our wedding day i felt beautiful and confident, and I know that Matt loved the dress too. I got so many compliments and even now over a year later people still talk about the amazing wedding dress I had. I haven’t been able to put it away and still have it hanging up so I can look at it! I would highly recommend Jo and her team of wonderful ladies for anyone, especially if you want something wonderful! Worth every penny. Thanks so much! ”

Photos by Nick Williams Photography

26 Jul 2017

A dark fairytale elfen wedding for our Swedish bride Lina

Well , I am very very excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you because we just LOVED working with Lina on her gown!! the brief was “Dark Fairytale” and we loved it!! We created the embellishments and hand painted the hem line and Lina created most  the colourful creatures  on her dress!! . When she told us she was wearing antlers and elf ears for her Swedish waterside woodland wedding we knew this was going to be an amazing wedding !!. We love everything about this and think that Lina and her new husband Karl look like absolutely magical creatures too

Photos with thanks to Studio 56, Sweden013149


Thanks so much to Lina  for these lovely words 🙂 , seeing and ready about the weddings we work so hard on is the best part of our job

” A HUGE thank you for everything! The whole process was a joy, I felt you got the idea straight away and it couldn’t have been realised better. The dress is simply stunning, it made me feel amazing the whole day and everyone loved it. It’s a fairytale dress, it more than any other part really made the wedding theme work! Your attention to detail, the experimental parts of the process, the imagination – you and your team have been fabulous! I almost want to get married again for an excuse to wear the dress again (or get another one!). The wedding was great fun – a big party with everyone more or less dressed up. We had werewolves, elf warriors, fairies, even a demon or two.Thank you so much, words can’t express how happy I am with the dress! ”

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The photos are by Maria at

10 Nov 2016

I felt like a superhero in heels!!! Meet our Roller derby space goddess !!! -Alternative coloured wedding dresses

Meet our awesome bride Karen, we love our clients so much and Karen is no exception, she was as crazy as a kipper , mad as a hatter and just downright bloody awesome!!!, She knew exactly what she didn’t want and most of time exactly what she did want.

Sparkles, bubbles, colour and more colour and oh a bit more colour!!! We think she looked completely stunning on her wedding day and here we see her as our very  own intergalactic boho bubbled up space goddess, that’s the only way to describe this gorgeous girl.  🙂

Congratulations to you both you look awesome


Thanks so much Karen for your awesome testimonial, we know our brides will LOVE reading your story 🙂

I knew from the start I didn’t want a traditional wedding dress. In fact, that was really the only thing I had in my head when I started looking for what to wear on my wedding day.
I had searched online for ideas and found a breadth of conflicting themes that I liked… none of which I was completely sold on.

We planned a tiny wedding (just us, our witnesses and their partners), so it didn’t feel like a “proper wedding” to me. Because of this I knew whatever I chose to wear, I didn’t want it to look like your typical wedding dress. I wanted to be comfortable but pretty, dressed up but not over-dressed. And it had to be true to me… which meant a racer back top (so I could wear a sports bra – how anyone wears a wired bra all day is beyond me), sparkles of some sort and a healthy dose of colours.

I was drawn to Jo because of a picture on her website. I Googled local dressmakers because I wasn’t finding what I wanted in the shops. I landed on the Couture Company website where I was greeted with a picture on the front page from the Intergalactic ( range; a Florence and the Machine-esque image that I immediately loved. It showed a dancing woman in flowing sheer colours. Very festival. Very ethereal. Very NOT wedding. Very me.

I booked an appointment to talk about what I wanted, and when I went in for my first meeting, the outfit in question was standing in front of me on a mannequin. Fate right?

I tried it on and I put down a deposit there and then.

karen-matt-57 karen-matt-36 karen-matt-18
13412867_10153485167926640_1679807258835159072_n 13407268_10153485170511640_8250827258636463939_n

As much as I hate to be that person… I had several pre-wedding freak-outs (that Jo dealt with very well). In the time between trying on, and falling in love with the outfit – a wraparound sheer georgette masterpiece with a sequin dress beneath – I was suddenly really scared that actually it made me look frumpy. I had opted to not wear the dress underneath so that I could pick something more to my style, but then spent so long overthinking what these under garments would comprise of that I nearly changed my mind on the whole thing overnight.

Jo laughed it off, told me I looked stunning, and calmed me down with talks about sequin hotpants, racerback tops and a promise that whatever shoes I opted for she would be able to make them work. She let me try the outfit on again and beamed “See!” at me when I gave a relieved smile at seeing it on again. I didn’t look frumpy. Stupid brain.

I picked the colour of the dress based on a coin-toss (between teal green and purple… it landed on green) and let Jo run wild with the theme of “bubbles and all the frigging colours”. She used colourful bead and sequin detailing to create the illusion of bubbles coming down from my shoulders, and added a huge pop of colour with a fuchsia sash – which also got the bead and sequin treatment. The bubble theme ran throughout our engagement and wedding, it has a meaning for us and I wanted that reflecting in my outfit, which worked out perfectly.

I spent a few weeks customising some old shoes, adding layers and layers of glitter and accents, and creating my own fabric bouquets to perfectly match my dress. I had rainbow colours put in my hair too, so altogether I really did have “all the frigging colours” and felt amazing.

I brought a friend along to my final fitting. I hadn’t brought anyone along up until that point because, as I said, it wasn’t “a proper wedding” in my head. The friend I brought is a local jeweller, Bella, from Magnus & Bella (based in the Jewellery Quarter). She made my engagement and wedding ring and knew how important the bubble theme was to me. When I came out of the changing room she welled up and said I looked perfect.

On the day of the wedding I remember putting the parts of my outfit together. I felt like a super hero in high heels and short shorts drinking mimosas while my best friend helped tie the bow on my sash. In the sunshine and light winds the dress looked beautiful, flowing behind me as I walked. Strangers came up to me to tell me it was gorgeous and ask where I had got it from. It was pretty cool to say it had been handmade just for me.


So thank you, Jo and the team, for understanding my desire to not look like a bride and for making me a piece of walking artwork. I would highly recommend The Couture Company to anyone looking for a special outfit because you don’t need to have a big white dress on to feel like a princess.





All photos above copyright of Shirlaine Forrest

Below Karen with her mum and Dad xxx, so cute14183820_10153667047701640_8493351224350355179_n

18 Sep 2016