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Ashley and Ben’s rainbow-tastic wedding will brighten your life-Alternative Wedding Dresses

Ashley and Ben were married last year and boy did they have a colourful wedding!!

We LOVE these photos, so much fun, so happy!!!

Thanks so much to Ashely for this amazing and honest testimonial

” So my original budget for a dress was around £500 I never cared (or thought so) much about what dress I was going to wear I just wanted a 50s cut style with a rainbow petticoat so was just going to get a cheap one off of eBay or rack from a conventional wedding dress shop. The plan was always to spend more on bens suit because he cared more. But when I found you guys on Instagram and visited your workshop/store I instantly fell in love ? the idea of being able to have a dress completely tailored to me was like a dream! I live in handmade dresses so it only seemed natural. As a larger lady I knew what shape would suit me and I knew I wanted rainbow somewhere on the dress but also as much as a pastel bright pink outrageous dress would of been awesome I wanted to look as much like a bride as I could because you only do it once (if your lucky) ?

You guys made every appointment comfortable and welcoming especially as I was on my own with 3/4 of them. You listened to what I wanted and designed it down to a tea. I never felt like my ideas where not right and forced into a look I didn’t want. You helped in so many ways and create me a dress I couldn’t of dreamt of.


My husband semi knew about my dress and the style, colour and design as he came to one fitting with me (I didn’t let him see me in it though) I really care about his opinions because he gives good ideas as he’s a bit of a creative type.

When he saw me in my dress walking down the isle on the big day he saids I look happy with the way that I looked and that was the most important thing to him and beyond anything else I looked appropriate for the day we were planning to have.

Of course he saids I looked beautiful and what not but let’s be realistic he would say that. He just loved how relaxed and comfortable I was wearing it and that makes him happy too.

Thanks a bunch!

Ashley oxo”

If you want to follow Ashley on Instagram for her Kitsch-tastically cute

antics then go here >>> My Little Kitsch


These colourful awesome Photos are by the fab  Jeanie Jean


5 Jul 2018

When space goddesses descend to earth for a downtown dirty disco – Alternative wedding dresses

Intergalactic downtown dirty space  disco was the  brief!! as you do!!…

We love working on creative shoots especially with awesome photographers like the wonderful Camera Hannah . Having worked with Hannah in the past , I KNOW she can BRING it and we always know she will GET what we want to do and we work very well together, equally we have some amazing creative folks who worked on the shoot, and all their credits and link are listed at the bottom of the page:)

So Yeah, Think, Space Disco, think Star wars and Princess Leia getting down at Studio 54…our space goddesses have just landed their craft…and they are here to show the world how  they rock it and get down in outer space……

So we teamed up sequins stars and sparkles with beautiful billowing silk georgette, we absolutely loved it!!

Anh what an amazing location at Cafe Colette in Birmingham too

Check out our NEW range of leather jackets too….the embroideries are out of the world!!

So…….Meet our space vixens, Steph, Holly Alana, and Lillith- Vindictive La farce

Photography: Camera Hannah

Dresses & Jackets: The Couture Company

Hair and Make up: Nicola Honey 

Make up and glitter: Wish Upon a Sparkle

Light Props, wings and star: Grande Luxe Co 

Hair accessories: Crown and Glory 

Hair accessories and jewellery: Jane Bowler

Jewellery: Working clasp jewellery

lighting assistant: Kate Jackson

Location : Cafe Collette


Lillith-Vindictive La’Farce

Stephanie May

Holly Alana Williams

24 Apr 2018

Here come the Girls – Our weekend at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza

Wow!!!! we have just about recovered from our fabulous weekend at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, and it was a Whopper of a weekend!!!

We have just had the photos of the Saturdays shennaningans from the awesome Jay Emme Photography, and she has smashed it again!!

She totally captured the mood of the day and our fabulous eclectic selection of beauts!! Big Thanks to Yasmin who runs our sister company specialising in alternative bad ass bridesmaids Curious Coco

Huge massive Thanks to all our models , Steph, Jo, Beth, Hannah, Any, Taan, Kerrie, Erika, Lola, Jane, Heather,  and Julie

Big Thanks also to our team who help us through the show, Sally, Jen, Darren, Domhall (the sheep), Sophie B, Georgia and all our volunteers who give their time


25 Nov 2017

Cute coloured rainbow lace dress for Krissy- Alternative wedding dresses

Is this dress just the cutest most fun dress we have ever made?? I really think it is…I have been waiting to see the photos for a while and boy was it worth the wait. Krissy was just the loveliest bride, right up our street….she absolutely loved what we do and was so excited at every meeting and fitting…. We created  Krissy’s dress in silk organza and appliqued handpainted lace flowers around the waistline and skirt, and finished it off with the brightest rainbow petticoat and buttons 🙂

We are so lucky to have so many amazing and unique brides!




Thanks so so much for this lovely testimonial Krissy  “Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding dress you made me. I had a lot of anxiety around being ‘a bride on display’, and when we were planning the wedding the worst bit was thinking about the dress, as someone with poor self confidence and body image i was terrified, and felt i would never find anything i would be comfortable with. Thank glob we found you. The minute i walked in i was stunned by the dresses on display and sally made me feel so comfortable during the first fitting. Nothing was too much trouble, it felt like a true collaboration. Most importantly I felt comfortable, beautiful and super excited! After that day i had no more worries about how i would look on our big day. I was so excited about each fitting and knew i would always be met with a warm welcome. When we came to collect the dress and i tried it on i couldn’t believe it, i know it would be fabulous but you exceeded my expectations. You took my dreams and made them a reality. On our wedding day i felt beautiful and confident, and I know that Matt loved the dress too. I got so many compliments and even now over a year later people still talk about the amazing wedding dress I had. I haven’t been able to put it away and still have it hanging up so I can look at it! I would highly recommend Jo and her team of wonderful ladies for anyone, especially if you want something wonderful! Worth every penny. Thanks so much! ”

Photos by Nick Williams Photography

26 Jul 2017

Jess’s eclectic frock was totally unique and bespoke to her and her wedding -Alternative Wedding Dresses

We met Jess when she entered ( AND WON) our competition at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, what an amazingwedding she had planned, lots of fun and brimming with everything her and her fiance Roger loved!!

We were so excited creating the sea green, teal and black  gown for Jess, from finding the green leopard print to coming up  with the ideas for Jess’s eclectic mix of embroideries to go on the dress, there were so many great personal touches  from an embroidery of Rogers fave guitar, to a Totoro for Jess’s son Zak, we included a tardi hurtling towards the Milky way, conjoined skulls, musical notes  and a bird skull feather bow on the back.

I absolutely love these photos by our awesome Assassynation
JessRogerAssassynation-10179 JessRogerAssassynation-10180 JessRogerAssassynation-10181 JessRogerAssassynation-10185 JessRogerAssassynation-10187 JessRogerAssassynation-10188 JessRogerAssassynation-10190 JessRogerAssassynation-10208 JessRogerAssassynation-10256 JessRogerAssassynation-10286 JessRogerAssassynation-10287 JessRogerAssassynation-10288 JessRogerAssassynation-10295 JessRogerAssassynation-10298 JessRogerAssassynation-10316 JessRogerAssassynation-10318 JessRogerAssassynation-10319 JessRogerAssassynation-10326 JessRogerAssassynation-10330 JessRogerAssassynation-10331 JessRogerAssassynation-10356 JessRogerAssassynation-10373 JessRogerAssassynation-10387 JessRogerAssassynation-10417 JessRogerAssassynation-10437 JessRogerAssassynation-10439 JessRogerAssassynation-10479 JessRogerAssassynation-10580 JessRogerAssassynation-10619 JessRogerAssassynation-10642 JessRogerAssassynation-10644 JessRogerAssassynation-10653 JessRogerAssassynation-10662 JessRogerAssassynation-10668 JessRogerAssassynation-10713 JessRogerAssassynation-10714 JessRogerAssassynation-10724 JessRogerAssassynation-10750 JessRogerAssassynation-10864 JessRogerAssassynation-10870

Not only did Jess find ourselves and Assassynation at the show, but she found the lovely Ellie the celebrant from Alternative Ceremonies Uk , and also the fabulous entertainment of Joypads Come to the Eclectic wedding Extravaganza on the 1-2nd April in Birmingham , and enter the competition to win vouchers to wards your wedding dress and photography with The Couture Company and Assassynation 🙂


14 Mar 2017